ONIS Site Server

Manage and extend the access to all your DICOM Devices

So much more than just a simple PACS

ONIS Site Server is a multi-PACS system that also gives you the ability to share your existing DICOM devices through a single entry point in a secure manner.

Multiple PACS

Multiple partitions

Defines multiple partitions to physically separate your studies according to the criteria you want. Keep research or teaching studies from clinical data or segment your DICOM data by speciality!

Multiple AE Titles

Create as many AE Titles as you want and define for each of them a list of authorized DICOM clients. Each client will be assigned a target partition locally, or belonging to a different site.

Multiple storage

Assign several drives for storing your studies. As soon as the server will detect that the current drive is close to be full, the next studies will be stored automatically to the next available drive.

Editing module

Reconcile studies in conflict, edit the image information at all levels (patient, study, series and image), split one or more series, delete unnecessary images. Everything is possible using the editing module offered by ONIS.

Streaming technology

Get an almost instant access to your DICOM images and MPEG4 movies, thanks to our streaming technology. When connecting with ONIS Viewer or ONIS Remote, images can be streamed to you using multiple resolutions.

Smart download

Get a quick viewing of any image in a series containing a huge number of images, even during the download. Our smart download technology allows the server to know what images you are looking at right now and will send them in priority.

Connect existing PACS

  • Give access to your existing PACS
  • Connect your existing PACS together
  • Transfer studies from different locations
  • Use secured SSL connections with certificate
  • Define access through user authentication
  • Define permission level through roles

High security

User account control

All registered users have to log in using a password before they can access to the partitions and/or connected PACS. Users can be grouped to provided similar permissions or roles.


Assign role to each user or group to customize their permission level. Give permission to administrate the server, import or delete studies, create or verify reports, save annotations…

Partition and DICOM Server access

Define for each user or group the partitions and/or connected PACS that can be accessed. For partition, subsets can be created to limit the studies that can be accessed.

SSL connection

Use SSL connections with certificate to secure the data transfer. If preferred, virtual private network (VPN) is also an option.

Designed for speed

  • Multi-threaded application
  • 64 bits application
  • JPEG2000 progressive streaming for immediate access
  • MPEG4 H264 streaming
  • Smart upload to display in priority the images the client want to see
  • Resources optimization

Also included


Forward automatically any incoming study to a different partition or DICOM server. Define as many rules as you want and even forward the studies to a different site.


Auto compress the incoming studies to save disk space. Compression can be done in real time or at specific hours only (night time for example).

Preference sets

Share the same user preferences between users and groups (window levels, color luts, opacity tables, convolution filters, keyboard shortcuts, fonts, colors...)

Report templates

Import your HTML based report templates for creating reports specific to your organization.

Connection Diagram